FRIENDS WE DESPERATELY NEED HELP!!! Late Thursday night Abdu got a call from one of the women at our church. She informed us that another lady (Mama Paul) from church had been violently attacked and needed help. Mama Paul has a boyfriend and Thursday night he attacked her with a panga, which is like a large machete. She has large gashes all over her head, back, and face. The witnesses said he was just going crazy and hitting anywhere he could. One of the ladies tried to stop him but he swung at her too so she ran.

Mama Paul told her son to just let her die but he physically carried her to the hospital. She had a head scan done Saturday and the doctors have said that her skull is fractured but there is no brain damage. Praise God! She is alert and talking but has no memory of what happened.

So far the costs are at $400 but they haven't taken her to the operating room yet for her to be stitched up. These folks have NOTHING. They live in the slums in one room made of tin/iron sheets. Abdu and I also are not in a position to be able to help them so we are pleading on behalf of Mama Paul for help!

Anything you can give is greatly appreciated! The link below is to the Ezekiel 37 website and you can give to the Emergency Medical Fund. Thank you and God bless!!!

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