Ezekiel 37 Ministry was founded after we followed the call by our heavenly Father to serve His people in the remote villages of Karamoja, Uganda.  Our first mission trip was in January 2010 and we have led 10 mission trips since then.  Over 30 people have joined us on mission trips and many have been multiple times.  

Our main focus at the beginning was on medical clinic outreaches in the villages where we would treat basic medical issues such as malaria, respiratory infections, fungal infections, intestinal worms/parasites, and tropical wounds.  Over time we have also grown into having an evangelism team who share the word of God.  These people need to HEAR the word of God because they are almost all illiterate.  Every time we go in the villages they are grateful that we have come and they are hungry to hear what is going to be shared.  

We also have felt called to help the children with education.  With individual student sponsorships and embarking on an adventure to start our own Nursery & Primary School in a very remote village.  Education is vital to the success of a child and that child will help improve the lives of their family members.

We have seen tremendous change the people of the villages we serve over the years.  Two villages were blessed with water wells and have been healthier and happier.  Their animals are growing fat and healthy because they have access to clean water and the animals have something to eat.

We continue to be amazed by what God does through us.  We serve a mighty and faithful God!

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