Vicky Achan - 19 years old


Vicky Achan - 19 years old

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Name: Vicky Achan

Date of Birth:  5/3/1997

Parent: Sabina Nawal

Siblings: 1 sister & 1 brother

Grade Level: Senior 1

What jobs are you responsible for at home: Housework

What is your favorite thing to do:  Reading my bible

What is your favorite food?  Posho and greens

What is your favorite subject in school?  Biology and Chemistry as well as Physics

What do you want to be?  A Nurse

Are you a Christian?  Yes

What church do you attend?  Pentecostal Assembly of God

Biography:  Vicky’s father passed away in 2014.  Her mother left the area and moved to another town in search of work.  Vicky stays with her aunt.  Vicky tries to find work to pay for her own school fees.  She has worked as a house girl which means cleaning and cooking for others.  She cannot do this work while school is in session so she has been failing to raise the money for herself.

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