Robert Kodet - 11 years old

Robert Kodet P4.JPG
Robert Kodet P4.JPG

Robert Kodet - 11 years old

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Date of Birth: 04/03/2004

Parent: Teresa Akol

Siblings: 2 sisters & 2 brothers

Grade Level:  Primary 4

What jobs are you responsible for at home: Washing plates

What is your favorite thing to do:  Cooking

What is your favorite food?  Posho and Beans

What is your favorite subject in school?  Mathematics

What do you want to be?  A Doctor

Are you a Christian?  Yes

What church do you attend? Catholic

Biography:  Robert’s father left the family and started a new family.  He has completely abandoned this family.  The mother tries the best she can but is failing to be able to provide school fees for her children.

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