Louren Kizito - 16 years old

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Kizito Louren.JPG

Louren Kizito - 16 years old

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Date of Birth:  1/1/2000

Parent:  Mark Lokut and mother

Siblings: 2 sisters & 1 brother

Grade Level: Primary 7

What jobs are you responsible for at home: Baking cakes sometimes for survival

What is your favorite thing to do: Games and sports

What is your favorite food?  Posho and greens

What is your favorite subject in school?  English

What do you want to be?  A Doctor

Are you a Christian?  Yes

What church do you attend?  Pentecostal Assembly of God

Biography:  “My parents are unable to pay my school fees as far as education is concerned. I love education but helpless.  Please, I shall be glad if given a sponsorship chance. With all my heart, I say I will be striving hard to achieve my goal.”

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